Move Award Nominee

Move Award Nominee

Move Award Nominee

Move Award Nominee

Move Award Nominee

we are reframing the concept into a platform where you can upload your portfolio during the year both for an internship - as for a job application. Soon more! We will launch the concept in Milano during the furniture fair.



On the Move:

"Move" literally means a change of place, position, or state. but can also be interpreted in a broader sense as it touches upon emotions and new values. Digitalization invites a borderless mindset and travel around the world to work anywhere one wants and creating new perspectives on ownership, housing and use of space. Whatever the reason of a move, ecological, political, business or personal, people will be seeking a sense of home/belonging on their new or temporary locations.


What makes you feel at home - no matter where you are? Location? Tradition? Family? Food? Stuff? Smell? As so many people are on the move, what does this mean for (product) design and the spaces live in? For Hospitality, Workplace or Mobility?

The challenge: 

If you were commissioned to design a spatial concept, material, service, tool, or object to give one a sense of wellbeing, what would it be? We envision future concepts in the broadest sense of the word. You may submit your idea for a product, a material, cross discipline, new values or rituals touching our senses - however the only stipulation is that design is to play a leading role in your proposal. Just mo>e us !

Execution: a pdf with visualization of your concept will do. For Video you can always add a link to Vimeo or upload a movie.


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