MOVEAWARD is a digital platform for students, young graduates and brands to connect.

In 2010, MOVEAWARD was initiated by Donna e Mobile (DeM), a global network of premium mobility brands, who teamed up to create a portal for young design talent to connect with the industries.

Young design talent from different design perspectives are invited to upload a pitch that expresses their future focus. After a selection process, the talents are presented to the DeM community. The presentations will be recorded and hosted on the MOVEAWARD homepage and TALENTPOOL with a link to the portfolio.
DEM members and Brands are invited to sign-up/register for free access to the TALENTPOOL to scout talent.

An agenda for the upcoming pitches will be announced monthly. Once a month “excellent talent” is nominated and showcased on the homepage. Students have the chance to win an internship at one of the design departments of the supporting brands. Young graduates can be scouted from the TALENTPOOL. Winners are celebrated on our platform throughout the year.

For who?!


Registered design students may enter a pitch to WIN an INTERNSHIP through MOVEAWARD.
Please note: Only selected students by the DeM team will be eligible to win the MOVEAWARD internships. Internships are ONLY available for students registered and studying at a school.



Young design graduates, not older than 30years, looking for traineeships, projects and/or employment through this platform can upload a pitch.Please note: Only selected graduates by the DeM team will be eligible for placement in the TALENTPOOL.



DeM members and businesses looking to scout young design talent for internships, traineeships, projects and/or employment can register for FREE access to the TALENTPOOL database.


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