Zuzanna Skalsk
 Founding Partner

Zuzanna Skalska inspires leaders and decision-makers to pivot their’s perspective on long term vision by implementing cross-fertilization process. She operates as a Strategic Trends advisor for Up-Front Innovation to businesses, public institutions and NGOs. In her way of working she is importing and mixing ideas from different places, markets or connecting people, to help business to step out their comfort zone. Her no-nonsense approach gives companies the insights needed for future business development. Zuzanna Skalska brings trends to life in a clear, distinctive and passionate way!

Zuzanna is specialized in research and analysis of strategic Signals of Change for business. She is an owner of 360 Inspiration and a managing partner of the Futures Thinking Group. She works closely with CEO ́s, decision makers and R&D directors on possible future(s)development. She lectures at many universities around the world. She is co-founder of the School of Form (SWPS).

Anne Forschner
Creative Director Automotive Designworks

Anne Forschner is an Exterior Car Designer with a desire to challenge the status quo and think outside the box. She expressed this during her graduation from the University of Pforzheim with her unconventional Bachelor Thesis BMW LOVOS. Her professional career started about 10 years ago at BMW Design in Munich. Since joining the company, she has designed and guided production cars (the latest BMW M3/M4) and two concept cars (the latest BMW Concept i4) from initial sketch to market launch. She recently joined BMW’s innovative subsidiary Design works as Creative Director, responsible for Advanced Automotive Design Projects.

  Jenny Deimer
Founding Partner

Jenny Deimer is Head of Brand & Innovation Design at Lynk & Co Design. At Brand & Innovation within Lynk & Co Design we focus on:

  • Strategic product issues
  • Creating design communication material and telling the stories around our products
  • Conceptualizing innovative solutions by researching, communicating and trying out new design enabling technologies the car.

Sara Erichsen Susnjar
Head of brand & innovation Design

Anders Bergström
Senior Design Manager Program & Design Manager Advanced Materials

Sara Erichsen Susnjar is responsible for coordinating and developing all the surface materials in a program together with program designers and specialist designers.

Anders Bergström is responsible for finding new, interesting and advanced materials together with a team of specialist designers

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