Interview with Mikkel Brandt Bugge -MOVEAWARD winner 2015. Won an internship at Volvo Design Department in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The MOVE Award for me has been a great contributor to my design career and I am
happy to share my experience with you.

Education: Masters degree in Industrial Design; The Oslo School of Architecture and
Design, Norway / Umea Institute of Design, Sweden.
How did you find out about MOVEAWARD and what motivated you to apply?
I was introduced to the MOVE award initiative during my studies at UID. My
motivation to participate in the competition was driven by the potential opportunity to
win an entrance ticket to an internship in the automotive industry or the chance to be
noticed and establish an important network.
How did the move award influence your career? I was lucky to get an internship at
Volvo cars in the product brand department. There I got the opportunity to work and
develop within a small experienced team, which warmly included me to their daily
tasks and which helped me gain valuable product design experience from working on
a variety of projects, ranging from brand merchandise, an electrical bicycle concept
or interior detailing concepts for the XC40. In the end, the Volvo internship clearly
boosted my design career and opened doors to job opportunities.
What is your profession at the moment and what are your goals for the future?
At the moment I am working as a senior industrial designer for the home appliance
brand Gaggenau in Munich. My goal for now is to learn by doing and for to the future
to define new goals to reach for.
Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in design? I grew up in a creative
environment with some family members being designers and architects, they inspired
me to find happiness in creating products and the processes of building things.
Initially, I wanted to be a boat designer, then a car designer, then a tram designer,
currently I´m designing fridges, ovens and dishwashers!
What is your tip or message to future MOVE candidate’s?
When defining your design concept, try to think not only visionary but realistic. e.g.
would you buy your design and would others? what would a realistic price be for your
design? Is it possible to manufacture? Design as a transportation designer, think as
an industrial designer! Go for it and good luck!