Internship: Exterior Design

The Interior, Exterior and Color & Material Design teams at Volvo Cars are now recruiting student interns for Autumn 2022.
Deadline to apply is April 30. Applications must be submitted via the online application process, applications sent by email will not be considered. The selection will be decided by mid-May. Those who are interested can apply via these link.

You want to make a difference
Volvo Design offers a contemporary luxury experience that is created around people with strength in every sense. The development of all Volvo products and services must spring from the needs of people and end with their satisfaction. When you are a part of the Design department you are also a part of the experience that they offer to the customers.

What Volvo offer
Design is a crucial part of creating a brand and a product identity for the customer to relate to. The design of our cars is strongly influenced by their Scandinavian origins of elegance, function and the purity of lines as strong design elements. Volvo offer you an exciting challenge in an international and growing company with a strong culture and great development opportunities. You will have the opportunity and responsibility to actively contribute to the growth of their business through people. Volvo is looking for a student intern to join their Exterior Design team in Autumn 2022 (August/September to December/January).

What you’ll do
You will be an active part of the Volvo Exterior Design team supporting our design vision with 3 missions:

1. Assistance Design: short-term Mission 
Support mission on ongoing production or concept projects for detailed research proposals such as bumpers, lamps graphics, grille, mirror, etc.

2. Design Competition: mid-term Mission
Internal competition with the team on ongoing production or concept projects.

3. Personal Project: long-term Mission (up to 6 months)
Creating an innovative and fresh vision for futuristic products, evolving the Volvo Design language into the next level. This involves conceptual phase, sketching, 3-D modeling and high-quality renderings.

Do you fit the profile?
You must be enrolled as a student at the time of internship and the internship should be requested as a mandatory educational part from a school (university, vocational school, etc.) and have a clear learning content, it is a part of an exam.

Volvo is looking for candidates who are strong team players with great collaboration skills who have the passion, energy and enthusiasm to turn their hand to any number of tasks – you need to be versatile, resourceful and proactive. Social understanding, cultural trends and an emphasis on sustainability is desired. Advanced skills within Adobe CC are required. You need to be inquisitive, structured and be able to present your ideas in a clear and inspirational way using your excellent visual and verbal communication skills.

Additional skills include: 
•    Car passion with focus on design
•    Communication skills and ability to work in a group
•    Ability to understand product development process
•    Skills within relevant required IT tools/applications
•    English verbal and written

Show, don’t tell
Applicants must provide a portfolio of work as a PDF or website link.

About Volvo
Volvo Cars is a company on a mission; to bring traditional car manufacturing into a connected, sustainable, and smart future. Since 1927, Volvo have been a brand known for our commitment to safety, creating innovative cars that make life less complicated for their consumers. In 2010, we decided to transform our business, resulting in a totally new generation of cars and technologies, as well as steady growth and record sales. Today, we’re expanding our global footprint in Europe, China and the US, and we’re on the lookout for new talent. We are constantly pushing our own skills and abilities to drive change in the automobile industry like never before. Volvo is looking for innovative, committed people to join them in this endeavor and create safe, sustainable and connected cars. They believe in the power of people and will challenge and support you to reach your full potential. Join them and be part of Volvo Cars’ journey into the future.

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